Monthly Archives: January 2002

I’m on a mac…. :

Never used a macintosh for anything really but i'm on one now in Gill's Uni and they are well mad to work on , the mouse is just one big button and everything is see-through. Also A few javascripts that I have don't work, anyway who cares nobody uses Macs well not any important people. […]

Side salad

A side salad does not consist of a leaf of lettuce with half a tomato placed on top of it. : Well today has been a productive day , 3 o'clock and 2 pints down the hatch already (it is a tough life being a student ).No luck so far on the job front but […]

Oracle say No. :

Well as the subject suggests , there will be no Oracle placement for Philip , This is due to ( according to Oracle HR) availability…ie. time we can start and also due to the the technical test ( why on earth people don't realise that writing code by hand is very silly )Supposedly only one […]

England Baby :

Well after travelling for 10 hours I'm here at last , what an ordeal boats delayed , trains cancelled but I got here in the end .I tried to install the tv card i bought but as i live well beyond the pale it couldn't find any stations , and tell me what use is […]

Holiday , Holiday , Holiday :

Interview finished , I've never had such a good interview and beleive me I have had a few. The questions he asked weren't too hard and we chatted more than him grilling me. The technical test was not too hard and I attempted everything except I couldn't remember what IPC stood for (Interprocess communication). Ah […]

Exams finished :

That's a load off now anyway, The last exam went ok , it was pretty tricky but what can you do. Now I have to study for my Oracle interview tomorrow (my fifth interview for intra) .The link for today is which is an online hifi store that often have alot of great deals […]

No title given

Well Sunday today and study time for philipousus , AI in my opinion a very waffly subject but there is a few good ideas in there .We have a sample exam with answers so let us all pray that the exam is very similar to the sple paper , in fact let us all pray […]

No title given

Well you might notice that I have yet again copied ste's ideas , this is my version of his update pages . I however have written this in php which after a day or so of use is a f#~%ng brilliant language .A good site for php stuff is todays news is not very […]